Media Influence and Growth



The media of today is certainly influential to mass audiences without a doubt and its this influence that creates advantages and disadvantages in society. The Media of today has certainly gained an edge due to the worlds developments in technology, and the rapidly growing popularity in social media. The growth of the social media boom stems from the very beginning of the 21st century and since then we have certainly seen a surge in media, both old and new media. The effects of this popularity and growing phenomenon has become influential to its audience. The growth of media without a doubt has indeed grown in magnitude in the last couple of years due to the developments in computer and cellular technology which has led to the growth and influence on us, the people. Not only does this new media influence us but the old media still to this day remains as powerful and influential to us as a audience. Old media that being TV, film and radio, print are all to this day very influential through its messages and discussions.

New Media on the other hand has created a world of its own, sort of an allusion. New Media includes Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc.. This growth has not only effected us but has carved out a pattern of trends that control and tell us what is what and wrong for example trends such as Selfies, fashion trends etc.. New Media is very influential because it creates a basis for people to express their opinions, share their stories, interact and connect with people. It also gives people the freedom of speech but censorship comes into the equation. The following chart below shows the amount of people using social media platforms.


The Figure above shows the worldwide popularity and vast power that social media controls over the world. This growth emphasises how popular social media is. This massive magnitude in new media and old media leads to many benefits but many problems such as the following which I will go into detail on some in the future of the site;

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Addiction
  • Vague image of the world
  • Attitudes are altered
  • Copyright theft
  • unproductivity
  • Controlled consumers
  • loss of professionalism
  • Terrorist propaganda
  • Crime
  • Brainwashing Images
  • Fake Illusion of the World

Not only is new media ever so influential but old media such as TV and film certainly undermines its audience because both mediums are fuelled by profit and both mediums are directed at passive audiences, Both TV and film represent vague reflections of the world but we can argue against that but we can say that they are flaws in both medium.

Music Industry

The music industry is certainly a powerful industry in todays world. But because I am looking at its influence of media and its problems I want to express that the media industry is highly corrupt, riddled with problems and its images certainly paint a bleak and shallow picture of the world we live in. Some music is influential and it appeals to mass audiences but the meaning of majority of songs and visuals within the music industry are highly controversial because they represent desires such as lust, the sexual pleasurable female body, greed and money along with many other vague mirror representations of the world we live in. I want to look briefly at the song Blurred Lines. The song was written by Robin Thicke who also headlines the song and video. I have a big problem with the song especially its video because it is an extremely sexist and subjective song and video. When you look at its content, its lyrics, “you know you want me”, “you know you want it” certainly raises issues about the intentions of the artist. The video basically depicts women as being objects of sex, there bodies and nature subjected to the audience. The video basically expresses all women are flirty, seek attention and are submissive and passive with perfect bodies. Many people have argued about this but it is a good example of how subjective the music industry can be.

The Music industry tells us how to look, how to behave, what is right and wrong. The music industry creates the illusion of what we should look like and this influences the audience to attain these images and try and live up to the expectations presented by images in videos and lyrics, this is a problem because it is influencing people in behaviour and presentation. However some artists do go against trend such as Adele, who represents that no one is perfect and her music is honest and not filled with materialistic and sexual need and satisfaction. Overall what my point is media has grown massively in the past decade especially new media. This media growth influences audiences how to feel and look but also this media influence creates a lot of mass issues that have to be addressed because of the evident effects it has on peoples lives.


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Wayne Conway

Irish Student of New Media and English

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