Social Media and Connection


When we are looking at social media, its complexities, its pros and its cons we have to acknowledge possibly the most outstanding advantage of social media is looking at the accessibility and speed to which we can interact with one another through various messaging platforms and social media sites. I want to focus on Social media connection, its pros and its cons with regard to various popular platforms.

When looking at connectivity over the web and internet we have to look at the most popular sites that connect us to one another. The most popular social media platforms for connectivity include;

  • Facebook; There are now over 1.15 billion Facebook users to date and growing
  • Google+; There are now over 1 billion  with Google+ enabled accounts
  • Twitter which has over 550 million and growing rapidly
  • others include Pinterest, Linkedn, Flikr etc.

Social Media Connection

So as you can see social media is growing so powerful and its this growth, its influence on connectivity we have to look and also the possible problems. Connectivity of today is easy as opposed to the past. We can easily look at history and look at the influence of connection. Now lets look at history, when we go back at least 20 years we can see that obviously the technology we had back then is merely something of an “ancient” artefact to be harsh, its because we are not in this day and age familiar with for example, the letter, the cell phone or the telegram going far back because we do not necessarily write letters anymore nor do we use “block” telephones. Connectivity is always essential in any time period but now in this day and age connectivity is easy like 2+2. Nowadays everything we do is on social media. The fact is  the majority of our connection is done online.

Having media platforms giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ makes it very easy for us to connect to one another without problems in connectivity and speed. We are able to connect to friends at any time in the day regardless pf where we are due to Wi-Fi and various advanced mobile technology. The great advantage of this is that people are given the ability to connect to people without delay. Business’s also do a lot of their business marketing and connectivity through social media in order to appeal to their target audience.

This vast speed in social media conenction provides the following benefits;

  • Breakdown in social barriers
  • Businesses benefit due to closer connection to its target market
  • People can communicate with friends and family throughout the world
  • People can connect and make new friends and acquaintances
  • Spreading of Cultures
  • Globalisation benefits

The Dramatic Downside to social media connectivity


For us social media networking is important in our everyday lives, we incoporate it into our professional and personal life. With great advantages comes great drawback and disadvantages. The main problems and disadvantages of social media connectivity indclude the following;

  • Privacy
  • Terrorist connectivity through accounts and propogranda
  • Fraud/Spam
  • Social Media Depression
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Lack of face to face interaction
  • Isolation from the world and your surroundings
  • World is condensed
  • Loss of cultural values and norms
  • Hacking and social disorder
  • Censorship

The problems are quite evident and very problematic in todays society because social media is so large, less is not known and word spreads withing seconds throughout the world due to this vast connectivity. I will cover some of the problems above in more detail above in the coming weeks. For now lets just acknowledge as media grows, its connection grows, more problems will arise and maybe some problems cannot be stopped because the nature of Social Media follows its own structure and creation. That’s all for now folks, I will be looking at Cyber Bullying next week so stay tuned to my blog.


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Wayne Conway

Irish Student of New Media and English

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