Trends; The Good and Bad


Trends today is ever evident in the medium of the world-wide web. Such trends have paved the way for us to communicate with each other and to follow trends and norms within the social media platforms. Trends according to social media, are tools or fashion that influences people how to behave or to become involved within that trend. Such trends are vast, examples of trends include Instagram posting, twitter use and online Facebook activity of posting such content which is a trend in itself. I want to look briefly at trends, the good and.


Instagram is photo sharing, video sharing social media platform that allows people to post high quality photos through filters which provides excellent quality to the photos. Instagram can upload photo, post within seconds. The popularity of Instagram is massive and indeed more popular than Facebook because of its easy accessibility due to it being directed at mobile, iPhone and tablet users. People can upload photos within seconds from their device. However the downside to Instagram is the matter of professionalism because anyone who posts on Instagram are allowed to edit and add professional effects to their photos, this raises the question does this platform replace professional photography, the answer is probably no, but it is a question to be respected because with such a vast amount of users professionalism can be altered and subjected. But with regard to speaking of Instagram we have to acknowledge the benefits;

  • Connectivity through photos and videos
  • High Quality produced photos
  • Filter effects
  • Useful for photographers and artistes and general public
  • Used as a promotional and marketing device


Facebook and the Viral Trend

Facebook as we have discussed we a massive social media giant with an online magnitude of 1 billion users worldwide. The Facebook machine is a great benefit to everyone who uses it. The Facebook trend spanned early in the 21st century and today it is so powerful its trend is a machine particular when discussing Facebook and its popularity of Trends we have to look and acknowledge its Viral Trends influence on its audience .

Trends include the Ice Bucket Challenge, the “Selfie”, and the norm of posting statuses about what we are doing etc. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge presented a trend that started in 2014, and it raised awareness for ALS disease which was a great viral trend that was for a very good cause. But I want to look at the bad side to media influence, trend influence, I want to look at the “Neck Nomination” which was a viral trend that caused uproar due to its stupidity and utter danger. The idea was one erson, who was nominated by a friend had to drink an alcoholic beverage in one go. When finished the nominated person you go on to nominate someone, others. Others followed the trend in some cases there was fatal consequences because several people died in relation to the neck nomination challenge. The video bellow centres on the Neck Nomination Trend and its connection to 5 deaths.

As above you can see the obvious danger of the Neck Nomination viral trend, this being a viral danger.

Other trends include Youtube, Linkdn,other and Twitter which in particular is very popular regarding hashtag trends. So what we can say here regarding trends, viral on the web, on social media, they do present great benefits in terms of it important message and its importance in raising awareness on important issues in society. However, trends have their downside like anything else, so we have to be consciously aware and to be cautious, aware in terms of what these trends do and their dangers toward ourselves, influence and in general society. Tune in next week where I will delving into the issue of war on social media platforms.


Published by

Wayne Conway

Irish Student of New Media and English

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