Media Influence: Society


Social Media: Society

Media influence as discussed throughout the weeks has covered the issue of media influence on its audience both the positives and the negatives. Society adapts to growing technology and so does technology to society. With every large media outlet, comes advantages and disadvantages.

In the modern world we are confined to our space, our surroundings but what media does is that it helps us branch out for example Facebook does this without a doubt because communication is the staple basis of Facebook and the same applies to Twitter, and Instagram. These social networks pave the way for a one world culture of social network users. The problem is the downsides such as Bullying, a mere image of the world, depression, etc. The world moves forward and so does humanity with internet and world wide web.

Looking to old media we have our advantages of course like social networking, with the downsides always ever present and alarming. Old media such as TV and Film prove today that marketing of audiences is the purpose of old media, like new. TV and Films have long been discussed general in terms of purpose and content. What TV and Film does is that it expresses human themes, its realism and covers day to day events. However some exploit the means of marketing an audience. As a result people become almost brainwashed in a dramatic effect because old media and new media tells us almost what is normal and what is wrong. For example taking numerous selfies at a time is normal nowadays but go back ten years ago seeing someone taking selfies of themselves would certainly be seen as out of the ordinary and against the trend. Trends tells us what and what is not in trend. To be in trend is to be hip, to be out of trend is to be seen as bizarre and strange in the 21st century. Even groups of people that become apart of a subculture, is all a trend it is not strange nor is it a rebellious statement on society, because its not its just normal nowadays.

In the 21st looking at trends, social media is the creator of trends, whether it be started on Facebook, twitter or any other social network it happens. Old media is slowly dying out, not speaking of TV and Film of course because those two media prosper and will always for a long time. I am speaking of Radio, newspaper. Radio is not necessarily dying but it is less popular due to TV and online radio. Newspapers are dying due to online editions, basically what I am saying here is that new media, online newspapers will become more popular in years to come replacing print.

Below is a video, about the mass influence of Social Media

With social media, the audience is seen as passive but as a new media and English student I have to look at these things in depth. What I will say before leaving this post is that new media is the future and old media will always be present, but life will have its ups and downs like new media. Nothing is perfect but as a audience to media, we are reasons it is produced whether it is to make money, persuade us to buy something or join a community, there’s always a purpose. To conclude today, social media and new media is very important to society.


Social Media Problems; Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

The media has given the world many down the years in terms of connection and creativity great benefits and resources to use a world that is vastly changing technologically and socially. When social media boomed mid 21st century we saw prosperity in terms of connection and employment. With social media we are allowed connect to the world within seconds, anywhere in the world. However the big problem when it comes to social media, new media is the problem of privacy issues. Facebook in particular has led users to take case suing Facebook on the grounds of Privacy breaching.

With social media our lives are publicly monitored by our surrounding environment due to social media, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdn, Flicker, Instagram gives us accessibility. But its these platforms that can intrude on our privacy and indeed Facebook privacy is a problem we have to face everyday on social media use.

To not use social media we may be viewed as an outsider due to the fact it is everyone’s mind that we as people need social media in order to accomplish and live in this world however it is not necessarily true. However the people that use these platforms do expose us to the world wide threat of privacy breach and copyright issues.

Looking at some cases of privacy we have to look at problems associated with Facebook which has from 2007 to present is regularly investigated and criticised due to its privacy issues. In 2010 Facebook was criticised due to the findings by Electrical Frontier Foundation which found that Facebook could get information saved to a Facebook profile even if the information was not intended.

Facebook has also been criticised for its app Messenger. The app provides Facebook with the following information about users of the app:

  • Access to geo location
  • Access to personal contacts on device
  • Access to Personal text messages on device
  • Access to private messages for data collection
  • Access to device camera and video camera
  • Access to audio and sound device

The video below covers and focuses on the privacy concerns relating to the messenger app.

As Facebook is global the problems with social media grows and in particular the problems with Facebook ever grows stronger due to its massive popularity. Facebook also has been criticised for Facebook friend lists. Friend lists on Facebook profiles are not private regardless if they are intended to be private and not public. The following article criticises and comments on the issue of Friend lists and privacy. Link to the article:

To conclude as I have discussed there is obviously problems with Facebook and its privacy settings and terms. What we have to understand is that Facebook is so large that it is always going to use private information for data collecting. And when we create a Facebook profile regardless if we deactivate it, the profile will always exist in Facebook data collection, it can never be deleted by Facebook. Facebook will grow stronger and so will its privacy issues. Next week I will be discussing Social Media Copyright problems, issues.

Social Media and Connection


When we are looking at social media, its complexities, its pros and its cons we have to acknowledge possibly the most outstanding advantage of social media is looking at the accessibility and speed to which we can interact with one another through various messaging platforms and social media sites. I want to focus on Social media connection, its pros and its cons with regard to various popular platforms.

When looking at connectivity over the web and internet we have to look at the most popular sites that connect us to one another. The most popular social media platforms for connectivity include;

  • Facebook; There are now over 1.15 billion Facebook users to date and growing
  • Google+; There are now over 1 billion  with Google+ enabled accounts
  • Twitter which has over 550 million and growing rapidly
  • others include Pinterest, Linkedn, Flikr etc.

Social Media Connection

So as you can see social media is growing so powerful and its this growth, its influence on connectivity we have to look and also the possible problems. Connectivity of today is easy as opposed to the past. We can easily look at history and look at the influence of connection. Now lets look at history, when we go back at least 20 years we can see that obviously the technology we had back then is merely something of an “ancient” artefact to be harsh, its because we are not in this day and age familiar with for example, the letter, the cell phone or the telegram going far back because we do not necessarily write letters anymore nor do we use “block” telephones. Connectivity is always essential in any time period but now in this day and age connectivity is easy like 2+2. Nowadays everything we do is on social media. The fact is  the majority of our connection is done online.

Having media platforms giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ makes it very easy for us to connect to one another without problems in connectivity and speed. We are able to connect to friends at any time in the day regardless pf where we are due to Wi-Fi and various advanced mobile technology. The great advantage of this is that people are given the ability to connect to people without delay. Business’s also do a lot of their business marketing and connectivity through social media in order to appeal to their target audience.

This vast speed in social media conenction provides the following benefits;

  • Breakdown in social barriers
  • Businesses benefit due to closer connection to its target market
  • People can communicate with friends and family throughout the world
  • People can connect and make new friends and acquaintances
  • Spreading of Cultures
  • Globalisation benefits

The Dramatic Downside to social media connectivity


For us social media networking is important in our everyday lives, we incoporate it into our professional and personal life. With great advantages comes great drawback and disadvantages. The main problems and disadvantages of social media connectivity indclude the following;

  • Privacy
  • Terrorist connectivity through accounts and propogranda
  • Fraud/Spam
  • Social Media Depression
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Lack of face to face interaction
  • Isolation from the world and your surroundings
  • World is condensed
  • Loss of cultural values and norms
  • Hacking and social disorder
  • Censorship

The problems are quite evident and very problematic in todays society because social media is so large, less is not known and word spreads withing seconds throughout the world due to this vast connectivity. I will cover some of the problems above in more detail above in the coming weeks. For now lets just acknowledge as media grows, its connection grows, more problems will arise and maybe some problems cannot be stopped because the nature of Social Media follows its own structure and creation. That’s all for now folks, I will be looking at Cyber Bullying next week so stay tuned to my blog.