Social Media War With ISIS Propaganda


Today in the world of politics the world faces many issues with regard to the threat of propaganda and war on the horizon when we look at the situation in the Syria and Iraq with regard to the terrorist organisation that is ISIS or referred also as ISIL and the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. The situation with ISIS is of international and domestic concern due to the rising strength and threat that ISIS possesses. What is most concerning from my point of view is its propaganda machine on social media and how ISIS masterfully manipulates the media and how it encourages people from all around to fight with the Islamic state.

The Islamic state uses many of the most popular of social media platforms to advertise their ideology and propaganda to the world for everyone to see. There aim is simple to recruit fighters from Muslim communities but also importantly ISIS social media targets western people, in particular the Islamic state appeal to people that have been abused by society due to their religion or other. The Islamic State regularly posts updates and propaganda material on a daily basis in order to branch out and recruit and  “Influence” as many people as it can due to its need of fighters in the regions of Syria and Iraq. Islamic state uses media to recruit western fighters to fight the coalition and international community which includes the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Jordan among many other countries. The fight is intensifying between the coalition and ISIS but so is the war on tackling ISIS on social media platforms.

The video above shows how ISIS are using social media especially Twitter to subject people and influence people from the west to fight with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. ISIS have a strong control on the way they run their social media campaign and this is especially true when you look at the difficulties Twitter and other social media platforms have in  fighting these pages and profiles.

The ISIS propaganda machine is a strong element, severely crucial to their organisation because they recruit fighters primarily through social media and propaganda to fight the coalition and Syrian and Iraq army. Examples of their propaganda is ever evident in the news for example we can look at how ISIS uses “Violence” to influence fighters to come and fight with them. An example of this is the brutality of ISIS execution videos most notably the beheadings of western Journalists by the masked Islamic state terrorist “Jihadi John” who has recently been identified as Muhammad Emwazi who originates from London, UK. The videos are very distressing and very disturbing but its these execution videos that not only recruit foreign fighters but it sends out a chilling message to the international community and world of the threat of ISIS in our countries that we live in.

Jihadi JohnJihadi John’s image is used as a tool to strike fear to the international community and anyone that challenges ISIS, the videos are sheer propaganda through their depiction of brutal inhumanity and disregard to the innocent in the videos. What ISIS does is that it uploads these videos and within seconds the videos are headline news on social media and TV. Throughout its campaign ISIS implies professional editing of its videos. ISIS regularly posts genocidal vidoes including mass executions, and other despicable and evil videos.

Below is an example of a twitter ISIS account


ISIS uses Twitter and Facebook regularly to post updates and propaganda videos to these accounts which is highly of concern to the international community.


The international community is tackling the threat of ISIS on the grounds in Syria and Iraq but the war on social media is proving a difficult war due to the fact ISIS are constantly creating new accounts throughout the world which makes it difficult in defeating ISIS on the internet and on social media platforms. The world is not afraid of ISIS and so the fight is being delivered to ISIS. Twitter and Facebook are fighting hard to tackle ISIS media on social media. Over a thousand ISIS accounts are taken down each day on twitter but the problem here is that they are created again. Spreading of videos is being censored and the crimes to which ISIS activate has been intensified. Blog covers the war with ISIS on Facebook, it is a great read especially because it deals with Facebooks war on ISIS and how ISIS advertises itself on Facebook. Worth noting also the hacking group named “Anonymous” are also helping in the fight against ISIS on social media. The group currently has intercepted and taken down numerous ISIS accounts and also maybe giving location of ISIS members, militants.

The organization named SITE is an monitoring intelligence group that pushes major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to become stricter, take down and degrade ISIS accounts. Link to page

So to finish off, ISIS has certainly caused international concern on social media through its propaganda and brutal videos but as we can see looking to the future it will be a long war with ISIS but it will be  Inevitable ISIS will be defeated and destroyed on social media and the world. Good will prevail in the world, and ISIS propaganda and militant will be ridden from this earth forever.


The Darkside of Social Media; Cyberbullying



Today in the world our lives are revolved and documented through the medium of the Internet. All we do, including work and social interaction is done on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. We today, especially teenagers consistently and continuously use social media to chat and interact with fellow friends and people. The social media world however presents a great problem, as it is said with anything powerful and vast there is always a rising problem. In this case I want to look at c because it is a major epidemic when it comes to social media and its influence on people.


Today in our society we do much of our interaction through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. which creates a connection between people from different regions and cultures however this vast connection and connectivity creates a looming and very problematic, serious problem. Cyberbullying is basically the term which describes the use of technology to abuse and harass other people in a deliberate manner. With social media platforms such as Facebook, this is quite evident within its organization. When we look at the figures of Facebook and Twitter, we can see the problems with cyberbullying because the more people you have on one particular social media site then the more problems you will have with Cyberbullying.

The Social Media boom has created great opportunities but Cyberbullying remains n. Cyber bullying has caused great dismay and doubt within the social media world because some incidents involving online harassment and invasion of privacy has led to very tragic and upsetting conclusions. And its the use of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that people use in order to attack someone emotionally because of personal reasons and this is detrimental to the victim because word spreads so quickly on social media. When information is dispersed, whether it be gossip or personal, this information cannot be deleted nor erased because social media, world-wide web is so powerful that it cannot be deleted, it is impossible. People have been subjected and harassed on-line due or in relation to the following;

  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion
  • Looks and appearance
  • Obesity
  • Popularity
  • School (Teenagers particularly are discussed in relation to Cyberbullying)
  • Skin Colour
  • Jealousy
  • Etc..

There is many cases that highlight the problem of social media and cyberbullying. One case in particular that falls under the realm of the cyberbullying epidemic is the suicide of Tyler Clementi. The video above explains what happened. Tyler Clementi committed suicide in 2010, September due to the fact his roommate leaked his sexual encounters with another man onto the web. The culprit, Tyler’s College roommate Dharun Ravi had leaked live video camera in their room computer. The live video was leaked online by Ravi, which depicted Tyler and his partner kissing for the first time. Ravi also used his Twitter account to show people how to access the camera in order to see Clementi and his male partner. Shortly after Tyler found out, he committed suicide by jumping of the Washington Bridge. The case raised attention to the subject of cyberbullying and its dangers but also to the LGBT organization over the issue of it being a hate crime because Tyler was homosexual. Other cases include Jessica Logan, Amanda Todd, all which underline the seriousness of cyberbullying and how it can affect and certainly endanger people subjected to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying aside from Suicide leads to depression along with suicide thoughts and also loneliness and feeling worthless. Below is a video is a short film highlighting Cyberbullying.

Looking to the Future; Cyberbullying

We may ask ourselves why do such fellow human beings do such things to one other, why do people revel in humiliating and shaming another human, making them feel worthless. I for one will take a stand and will always highlight cyberbullying because we live in such a vast and dependent that information can be corrupted and people get hurt in the process, often leading to tragic ends. The people that have died as a result from social media bullying, cyberbullying again makes up question what should be done. What has to be done is that we need to tackle social media harder, we have to enforce authority on those that set out to hurt others. We have to raise awareness and also society has to be and support those who are struggling in life because of cyber bullying. Social will grow and so will cyberbullying will become more of a problem, cyberbullying will always be present, it will never be eliminated but what we have to do is contain and limit cyberbullying, and punish those who corrupt and abuse other people due to their naivety and crudeness. I look to the future of social media with open eyes, do the same, always be aware of the dangers of social media. And if you know of someone that is being cyberbullied step in and take action, and if you know of someone that is cyberbullying report them as soon as possibly because that is the good thing to do. We will stand and fight cyberbullying as a society. Thanks folks tune in next week where I will be doing trends on social media next week, the good and bad side of trends!

Media Influence and Growth



The media of today is certainly influential to mass audiences without a doubt and its this influence that creates advantages and disadvantages in society. The Media of today has certainly gained an edge due to the worlds developments in technology, and the rapidly growing popularity in social media. The growth of the social media boom stems from the very beginning of the 21st century and since then we have certainly seen a surge in media, both old and new media. The effects of this popularity and growing phenomenon has become influential to its audience. The growth of media without a doubt has indeed grown in magnitude in the last couple of years due to the developments in computer and cellular technology which has led to the growth and influence on us, the people. Not only does this new media influence us but the old media still to this day remains as powerful and influential to us as a audience. Old media that being TV, film and radio, print are all to this day very influential through its messages and discussions.

New Media on the other hand has created a world of its own, sort of an allusion. New Media includes Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc.. This growth has not only effected us but has carved out a pattern of trends that control and tell us what is what and wrong for example trends such as Selfies, fashion trends etc.. New Media is very influential because it creates a basis for people to express their opinions, share their stories, interact and connect with people. It also gives people the freedom of speech but censorship comes into the equation. The following chart below shows the amount of people using social media platforms.


The Figure above shows the worldwide popularity and vast power that social media controls over the world. This growth emphasises how popular social media is. This massive magnitude in new media and old media leads to many benefits but many problems such as the following which I will go into detail on some in the future of the site;

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Addiction
  • Vague image of the world
  • Attitudes are altered
  • Copyright theft
  • unproductivity
  • Controlled consumers
  • loss of professionalism
  • Terrorist propaganda
  • Crime
  • Brainwashing Images
  • Fake Illusion of the World

Not only is new media ever so influential but old media such as TV and film certainly undermines its audience because both mediums are fuelled by profit and both mediums are directed at passive audiences, Both TV and film represent vague reflections of the world but we can argue against that but we can say that they are flaws in both medium.

Music Industry

The music industry is certainly a powerful industry in todays world. But because I am looking at its influence of media and its problems I want to express that the media industry is highly corrupt, riddled with problems and its images certainly paint a bleak and shallow picture of the world we live in. Some music is influential and it appeals to mass audiences but the meaning of majority of songs and visuals within the music industry are highly controversial because they represent desires such as lust, the sexual pleasurable female body, greed and money along with many other vague mirror representations of the world we live in. I want to look briefly at the song Blurred Lines. The song was written by Robin Thicke who also headlines the song and video. I have a big problem with the song especially its video because it is an extremely sexist and subjective song and video. When you look at its content, its lyrics, “you know you want me”, “you know you want it” certainly raises issues about the intentions of the artist. The video basically depicts women as being objects of sex, there bodies and nature subjected to the audience. The video basically expresses all women are flirty, seek attention and are submissive and passive with perfect bodies. Many people have argued about this but it is a good example of how subjective the music industry can be.

The Music industry tells us how to look, how to behave, what is right and wrong. The music industry creates the illusion of what we should look like and this influences the audience to attain these images and try and live up to the expectations presented by images in videos and lyrics, this is a problem because it is influencing people in behaviour and presentation. However some artists do go against trend such as Adele, who represents that no one is perfect and her music is honest and not filled with materialistic and sexual need and satisfaction. Overall what my point is media has grown massively in the past decade especially new media. This media growth influences audiences how to feel and look but also this media influence creates a lot of mass issues that have to be addressed because of the evident effects it has on peoples lives.