Social Media Problems; Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

The media has given the world many down the years in terms of connection and creativity great benefits and resources to use a world that is vastly changing technologically and socially. When social media boomed mid 21st century we saw prosperity in terms of connection and employment. With social media we are allowed connect to the world within seconds, anywhere in the world. However the big problem when it comes to social media, new media is the problem of privacy issues. Facebook in particular has led users to take case suing Facebook on the grounds of Privacy breaching.

With social media our lives are publicly monitored by our surrounding environment due to social media, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdn, Flicker, Instagram gives us accessibility. But its these platforms that can intrude on our privacy and indeed Facebook privacy is a problem we have to face everyday on social media use.

To not use social media we may be viewed as an outsider due to the fact it is everyone’s mind that we as people need social media in order to accomplish and live in this world however it is not necessarily true. However the people that use these platforms do expose us to the world wide threat of privacy breach and copyright issues.

Looking at some cases of privacy we have to look at problems associated with Facebook which has from 2007 to present is regularly investigated and criticised due to its privacy issues. In 2010 Facebook was criticised due to the findings by Electrical Frontier Foundation which found that Facebook could get information saved to a Facebook profile even if the information was not intended.

Facebook has also been criticised for its app Messenger. The app provides Facebook with the following information about users of the app:

  • Access to geo location
  • Access to personal contacts on device
  • Access to Personal text messages on device
  • Access to private messages for data collection
  • Access to device camera and video camera
  • Access to audio and sound device

The video below covers and focuses on the privacy concerns relating to the messenger app.

As Facebook is global the problems with social media grows and in particular the problems with Facebook ever grows stronger due to its massive popularity. Facebook also has been criticised for Facebook friend lists. Friend lists on Facebook profiles are not private regardless if they are intended to be private and not public. The following article criticises and comments on the issue of Friend lists and privacy. Link to the article:

To conclude as I have discussed there is obviously problems with Facebook and its privacy settings and terms. What we have to understand is that Facebook is so large that it is always going to use private information for data collecting. And when we create a Facebook profile regardless if we deactivate it, the profile will always exist in Facebook data collection, it can never be deleted by Facebook. Facebook will grow stronger and so will its privacy issues. Next week I will be discussing Social Media Copyright problems, issues.