Media Influence: Society


Social Media: Society

Media influence as discussed throughout the weeks has covered the issue of media influence on its audience both the positives and the negatives. Society adapts to growing technology and so does technology to society. With every large media outlet, comes advantages and disadvantages.

In the modern world we are confined to our space, our surroundings but what media does is that it helps us branch out for example Facebook does this without a doubt because communication is the staple basis of Facebook and the same applies to Twitter, and Instagram. These social networks pave the way for a one world culture of social network users. The problem is the downsides such as Bullying, a mere image of the world, depression, etc. The world moves forward and so does humanity with internet and world wide web.

Looking to old media we have our advantages of course like social networking, with the downsides always ever present and alarming. Old media such as TV and Film prove today that marketing of audiences is the purpose of old media, like new. TV and Films have long been discussed general in terms of purpose and content. What TV and Film does is that it expresses human themes, its realism and covers day to day events. However some exploit the means of marketing an audience. As a result people become almost brainwashed in a dramatic effect because old media and new media tells us almost what is normal and what is wrong. For example taking numerous selfies at a time is normal nowadays but go back ten years ago seeing someone taking selfies of themselves would certainly be seen as out of the ordinary and against the trend. Trends tells us what and what is not in trend. To be in trend is to be hip, to be out of trend is to be seen as bizarre and strange in the 21st century. Even groups of people that become apart of a subculture, is all a trend it is not strange nor is it a rebellious statement on society, because its not its just normal nowadays.

In the 21st looking at trends, social media is the creator of trends, whether it be started on Facebook, twitter or any other social network it happens. Old media is slowly dying out, not speaking of TV and Film of course because those two media prosper and will always for a long time. I am speaking of Radio, newspaper. Radio is not necessarily dying but it is less popular due to TV and online radio. Newspapers are dying due to online editions, basically what I am saying here is that new media, online newspapers will become more popular in years to come replacing print.

Below is a video, about the mass influence of Social Media

With social media, the audience is seen as passive but as a new media and English student I have to look at these things in depth. What I will say before leaving this post is that new media is the future and old media will always be present, but life will have its ups and downs like new media. Nothing is perfect but as a audience to media, we are reasons it is produced whether it is to make money, persuade us to buy something or join a community, there’s always a purpose. To conclude today, social media and new media is very important to society.


The Music Video and Its Effects on The Female Adolescent Body


The worldwide media phenomenon has taken the world by the neck and surely the effects on the viewership of such media such as social media and music videos, TV and movies have a detrimental effect are evident. We have to look at the music industry for example as a core media phenomenon that not only gives us music but gives us subliminal media messages. The good of music industry is that it provides us with satisfaction entertainment wise however the other end of the sword is the effects it has and influences it has on its audience, in particular its effects on Female body image.

The modern day music industry boomed in the 1980’s due to the introduction of MTV,  a music TV station and platform which provided youth with easy access to music especially pop and rap which grew in popularity in the 1990’s and this appealed to a wide audience of teenagers and adolescents due to MTV in some regard. Over the next 25 years, the music industry grew in strength and in order for it to prosper it breached out to other platforms that being YouTube especially which was a major and still a major player for music videos and their profits. And it was MTV that had a major impact on the music world, as Randy Otis notes on MTV and its impact ” One station that has had a great impact on American culture is MTV, or music television. It arrived in 1981 and sparked a whole host of studies examining a wide range of topics. The station has since changed so that it is now more of a reality channel than music video, but it marked the beginning of a new era of that aspect of television. With the international growth of MTV’s popularity, its influence has become a world-wide phenomenon. Even in 1996, there was evidence that showed that African American teenagers watched approximately 3.3 hours of music videos per day (Peterson, Wingood, DiClemente, Harrington, Davies 2007″ Link to article: <a href=”http://”>http://</a&gt;

Nowadays the music industry is ever strong before but it comes with a cost, old music is dying along with traditional and honest music that depicts great music and doesn’t focus on the exterior like body images and looks. I want to look at body image. In the music industry, the business through its videos depict the following representation of the female body:
<li><em>False image of the female body</em></li>
<li><em>What is beautiful and what is not</em></li>
<li><em>Sexual desire</em></li>
<li><em>False images and depiction of the female body</em></li>
<li><em>Sexual need</em></li>
<li><em>Money represented with female body</em></li>
<li><em>Exaggerated and fake illusions of the female body</em></li>
<li><em>Manipulation of female conscious on female body image</em></li>
The representation of women in music videos tells women what is beautiful, what is not, how to look “good” and to alter and change images on the body. Like in the model world women look to it and contemplate what is beautiful and not. Videos by Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears among many others fuel the female representation epidemic in terms of their own body image and lyric. The video below is an example of the female body representation in terms of sexual appeal and body image.

The video depicts an example of music industry depiction of female body, in that the female body can be used as a weapon to lure men into a trap. It’s a formulae used by music videos on a regular basis. The video is extremely bleak and it’s a sad epidemic in the music world, which has to be changed but I am afraid to say the effects on women from music videos has been very impactful that it will never change and the music world and its videos will continue to tell you what is right and what is beautiful in body images and it will obviously turn the tables and tell us that being “not beautiful” is the real beauty.
The video below is another example of body image influence on the adolescent female body. The video is of Australian born rapping sensation Iggy Azalea and Latin superstar Jennifer Lopez dancing seductively while embracing and flaunting their very beautiful “Booty”. the video says well its nice to have a big booty which every man wants and desires. Having a big booty is sexy and outstanding. Don’t get me wrong I think its beautiful but the approach the video adapts is very shallow and bleak. It says in its lyrics “Its his birthday, give him whatever he asks for”. It’s on the lines of pornographer In terms of the video images and lyrics, its a sad realisation that this is music industry of today. It is not entertaining music,  it is sex exploitation on camera for profit.

The music industry is only in existence due to profit and once a formulae works and earns profit the music industry it will repeat that formula through using images of the female body. In brief, the music videos do not influence every women, it is not possible but to a large majority it does and especially on youth because youth are very vulnerable and passive to such images in Music videos. Its a danger but the music machine will not stop, and that is a sad realisation. In conclusion the videos do have an effect on the adolescent female body because girls and women of today are severely conscious of body image which to an extent is healthy but in other cases it can become unhealthy trying to live up to music videos “allusions” and depictions of the female body. Overall as media consumers both male and female we have to become more conscious and aware of the music media videos of manipulation in terms of female body images because it is just not real in reality.